Data Science Institute

DSI awards 2024 Seed Grants and celebrates 2023 projects

Each year, DSI awards a number of seed grants to researchers pursuing data science projects across the university. DSI recently announced the grantees of the 2024 Data Science Seed Grants @ Brown and celebrated the accomplishments of the 2023 grantees.

Researchers from Computer Science to IBES to Africana Studies gathered at DSI last Friday to share a diverse range of DSI-funded data science projects. These researchers were the recipients of DSI's 2023 Data Science Grants @ Brown, who have spent the past year making advancements in machine learning and cryptology, writing textbooks and building community relations, and developing internship programs and data science education practices. The 2023 and 2024 Seed Grants awardees, members of the DSI Campus Advisory Board, and DSI faculty, staff, and students attended this celebration of Data Science at Brown. 

After a wonderful of celebration of the data science work done in 2023-2024, DSI is thrilled to announce the awardees of the 2024 Data Science Grants @ Brown, who will similarly spend the next year developing a variety of data science projects, spanning from machine learning to medicine to oceanography to anthropology and Egyptology. 

DSI awards the 2024 Data Science Grants @ Brown to:

"Towards Explainable ML Modeling for Multi-modal Remote Sensing data."  David Laidlaw (CS), Ziang Liu (CS PhD Student), James Kellner (EEOB), James Tompkin (CS), Matthew Harrison (DAM) 

"Climate and Human Health Connections in South Asia."  Albert Larson (DEEPS), Ali Akanda (Civil & Environmental Engineering, URI)

"Staying positive: eliminating negative sample weights using optimal transport."  Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Roloff (Physics)

"Ocean, Climate, and Ecosystems (OCE) Data Science Research Internship at Brown University." Sarah Lummis, Emanuele Di Lorenzo (DEEPS/IBES)

"Building a Prescriptive Analytics Research Collaboration with the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority."  Alice Paul (Biostats), Serdar Kadioglu (CS)

"North Burial Ground Documentation Project: Digitizing Providence’s Buried Past."  Jordi Rivera-Prince, Blanca Payne (Anthropology), Annalisa Heppner (North Burial Ground)

"Mappy Python Diaries – Living Textbook Project."  Seda Salap-Ayca (DEEPS/IBES)

"Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to Improve Community-Based and Public Health Initiatives in Rhode Island and Beyond." Jun Tao, Philip Chan (Medicine and Epidemiology), Ellie Pavlick (CS)

"The Digital Pyramid Texts Project: Democratizing Insights from Ancient Egypt." Nikos Vasilakis (CS), Christelle Alvarez (Egyptology), Michael Greenberg ‘07 (CS, Stevens Institute of Technology)


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