Data Science Institute

DSI-Funded Research

DSI has made grants to Brown researchers for data science projects in a range of disciplines.

Funded Projects

Brown's Data Science Institute offers funding opportunities for collaborative projects that support our mission, namely to stimulate innovation and support people aspiring to improve lives in our data-driven world.

News about DSI-funded research

Data Science Seed Grants @ Brown News

Each year, DSI awards a number of seed grants to researchers pursuing data science projects across the university. DSI recently announced the grantees of the 2024 Data Science Seed Grants @ Brown and celebrated the accomplishments of the 2023 grantees.
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News from DSI

New Data Science Research Grants

The DSI has awarded its first Data Science @ Brown research grant to a project entitled "A Quantitative Measure of Freedom of Assembly," a collaboration between Jesse Shapiro of Brown’s Department of Economics, Yusuf Neggers (Michigan), and Mehdi Shadmehr (Calgary and Chicago).
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