Data Science Institute


The Data Science Institute strives to ensure those most in need are not the last to benefit from fundamental research in data science or data-driven applied research.

DSI at Brown University engages people across campus and beyond to: 


  • Educate all in data fluency and advanced area-specific applications of data science methods 
  • Stimulate large-scale multidisciplinary research developing and applying data science methods to multiple data modalities
  • Ensure that the power of data be leveraged toward a more equitable society


DSI is unique because we:

Students creating a diagram on a wall.

  • Equally value both domain-driven and fundamental methodological research in data science;
  • Increase data fluency and educate the next generation of data scientists, through our master’s program and providing outreach to students and researchers at a variety of career stages;
  • Explore the impact of the data revolution on culture, education, health and genomics, society, and social justice by engaging with research partners within the University and beyond.
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Faces of DSI

Get to know the people and the range of data science research that make up DSI in this collection of profiles.