Data Science Institute

Partner with Brown DSI

Help us grow the next generation of data scientists!

DSI offers a master’s program in data science as well as an undergraduate certificate in data fluency. We sponsor an undergraduate data science club for students in a range of disciplines. We place undergraduates and master’s students in experiential learning positions with a variety of organizations and companies.

See below for ways to partner with our students and programs.

Work With our Students

  • Hire graduates of our master's program or undergraduates studying data science; contact us to set up a recruiting event
  • Host data science interns
    •  Master's students must complete a practicum project; most do this with a company
    •  Undergraduate data fluency certificate earners complete an experiential project, which can be an internship at a company or nonprofit
  • Advertise open positions in our newsletter or directly to DSI students 


  • Give a talk and meet Brown students interested in data science
  • Sponsor a datathon


  • Support DSI's research, outreach, or educational activities
  • Offer a scholarship for a master's student 

More Information

Contact us with questions on how to engage with our students!