Data Science Institute

Data Science Institute at Brown

The mission of the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Brown is to stimulate innovation and support people aspiring to improve lives in our data-driven world.

DSI engages people across campus and beyond, to: 


  • Educate all in data fluency and advanced area-specific applications of data science methods 
  • Stimulate large-scale multidisciplinary research developing and applying data science methods to multiple data modalities
  • Ensure that the power of data be leveraged toward a more equitable society

Recent News

Each year, DSI awards a number of seed grants to researchers pursuing data science projects across the university. DSI recently announced the grantees of the 2024 Data Science Seed Grants @ Brown and celebrated the accomplishments of the 2023 grantees.
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Held in Toronto, Canada, last month, the IEEE Conference on Secure and Trustworthy Machine Learning (IEEE SATML) focuses on expanding on the theoretical and practical understandings of vulnerabilities inherent to ML systems, exploring the robustness of ML algorithms and systems, and aiding in developing a unified, coherent scientific community which aims to build trustworthy ML systems. The event’s organizers recognized only two papers with their Distinguished Paper Award, and new research by Brown CS PhD student Victor Ojewale was one of them.
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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Data Science options for undergraduates include a Certificate in Data Fluency and the Data Science Fellows program trains undergraduates to collaborate with faculty to build more data science into course curricula.

Graduate Programs

DSI offers a master's degree in Data Science and a doctoral certificate, designed for students from a broad range of educational and work backgrounds.

Research Centers