Data Science Institute


Graduate Programs

The Data Science Institute offers a Doctoral Certificate available to enrolled students pursuing doctorates at Brown.
The Master’s Program in Data Science (Master of Science, Sc.M.) prepares students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds for distinctive careers in data science.
Current Brown seniors can apply for this program. The application requirements are the same as for other applicants, except that only two letters of recommendation are required.

Undergraduate Programs

Data Science options for undergraduates include a Certificate in Data Fluency, designed for students who are not concentrating in computer science, math or applied math, statistics, or computational biology. For students in those concentrations and others looking for more in-depth data science work, the Data Science Fellows program trains undergraduates to collaborate with faculty to build more data science into course curricula. 

There is also a Data Science DUG (Departmental Undergraduate Group) for undergraduate students from any concentration. 

The Certificate in Data Fluency is for Brown undergraduate students who wish to gain fluency and facility with the tools of data analysis and its conceptual framework, but who are not pursuing a concentration in a data-intensive discipline.
The Data Science Fellows program prepares students to serve as consultants to faculty wishing to add more elements of data science to their undergraduate course.