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StudentsData and data science are increasingly found in most academic disciplines. Partly for that reason, there is no undergraduate concentration in data science at Brown—but there are many ways to engage intellectually with data science, no matter what your concentration or graduate course of study may be. Undergraduates and graduate students at all levels can be involved with DSI.


Take a Data Science Course

You can find courses that involve data by using that as a keyword in Courses @ Brown. Some of the basic introductory courses in data analysis and data science include:

  •  DATA 0200: Data Fluency
  •  DATA 0080: Data, Ethics, and Society
  •  CSCI 0100: Data Fluency for All
  •  CSCI 0111: Computing Foundations: Data
  •  BIOL 0495: Statistical Analysis of Biological Data
  •  CLPS 0900: Statistical Methods
  •  CSCI 0535: Linear Algebra for Machine Learning

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The Certificate in Data Fluency is for Brown undergraduate students who wish to gain fluency and facility with the tools of data analysis and its conceptual framework, but who are not pursuing a concentration in a data-intensive discipline.
The Data Science Fellows program, offered in collaboration with the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, prepares students to serve as consultants to faculty wishing to add more elements of data science to their undergraduate course.

Join the Data Science DUG

The Data Science Institute Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG) serves students across all concentrations who are interested in incorporating data science into their Brown experience.

Learn more about the Data Science DUG

Become a Teaching Assistant

Be a teaching assistant for a DSI course: search student job listings on Workday, or contact us for current openings. Most positions require some programming or math background.

Current opportunities


Take a Data Science Course

The data science master's degree courses are open to all, and there are data science courses in many other departments.  

Explore Data Science in Depth

Brown Ph.D. students can earn a doctoral certificate or a Sc.M. degree through the Open Graduate program.

Be a Teaching Assistant for a DATA Course

Find available openings for hourly TA positions in the Student Jobs listings in Workday. We occasionally hire Ph.D. students as well. Contact us to ask about available openings.  

Lead a Workshop

Lead a domain-specific or technique-specific workshop related to data science.

Join a Reading Group

Join a data science reading group, or create one yourself; DSI can host and advertise your group. 


Contact us with any questions about undergraduate or graduate engagement you may have!

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