Data Science Institute

Cristina Menghini

Postdoctoral Researcher, Data Science Institute


Cristina is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Brown University's Data Science Institute, working in collaboration with Prof. Stephen Bach in the BATS lab. Her research centers on developing methods for adapting large pre-trained machine learning models, like CLIP, GPT, Claude, and Llama, to domains with limited labeled data.

Cristina's interests extend beyond machine learning to encompass data mining and computational social science. During her doctoral studies at Sapienza University, she examined structural biases in information networks, focusing on platforms like Wikipedia under the guidance of Prof. Aris Anagnostopoulos and Prof. Eli Upfal.

Cristina's dedication to research is matched by her commitment to mentor and foster emerging talent, get in touch with her to chat.

Outside academia, Cristina enjoys a dynamic life, sliding around her beloved Providence on inline skates, boxing with her great partners at On the Ropes, and diving into feminist literature.

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