Data Science Institute

Carlos Sarabia

Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Computational Molecular Biology, Data Science Institute


I am an evolutionary geneticist with experience in the use of bioinformatic and molecular tools to understand processes of admixture, selection, demographic changes through time, and detection of deleterious mutations in populations. I have been working both in wet labs with suboptimal DNA (noninvasive/environmental sources and ancient DNA) and with in silico solutions (simulations, bioinformatic pipelines).

Right now my work focuses on the detection of fixed genetic variants and genes under selection in highly admixed populations using a machine learning-based framework and a number of summary statistics. To this end, I am working with simulation software and home scripts.

In recent years I became involved in phylogenetic research using ancient DNA, working to optimize a wetlab protocol to extract DNA from noninvasive sources for NGS solutions, detection of genes under selection, and the estimation of changes through time in populations adapted to extreme environments.