Data Science Institute

The second cohort of the Data Science Master’s Program is here!

On Wednesday, August 29, the DSI staff and faculty met the 40 new students who will be earning their Sc.M. in Data Science at Brown.

Second cohort

Last year’s inaugural group included 27 students from a wide range of backgrounds. This year we grew in both number and variety. The 2018-2019 class is made up of 25 men and 15 women who have traveled quite some distance to Providence, with roughly 55% of students from China and domestic students making up another 38%. The rest have traveled from India, Canada, and Thailand to join us.

The DSI selected qualified candidates with a wide variety of undergraduate degrees in Economics, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Biomedical Informatics, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Statistics, Finance, and Business, among others. Several are Brown 5th-year master’s students; 2 are Brown Ph.D. students earning a Data Science certificate; and 2 are Brown Open Graduate students, getting a master’s degree during the course of a related graduate program. 

Although data science is typically thought of as a technical field, there are many different industries available for data scientists and analysts. When polled, 23 of our 40 students said they’d like a career in Technology, while the others voted for popular categories such as Finance, Business, Design, and Public Health. In addition to the current Ph.D. students in the program, several others are interested in going on to Ph.D. programs. 

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Data Science Master’s Program! We can’t wait to see all you accomplish.


  • Sean Abreau
  • Darius Atmar
  • Dhananjay Bhaskar
  • Spencer Boyum
  • Andrew Dabydeen
  • John Facey
  • Sean Flannery
  • Xiaotong Fu
  • Xinyan  He
  • Ryan Hedges
  • Priscilla Hernandez
  • Amanda Khoo
  • Sida Li
  • Francesca Lim
  • Jiating Lin
  • Hangyu Liu
  • Huakai Liu
  • Laura McCallion
  • Meagan McCardle
  • Ryan Murray
  • Matthew Owen
  • Guanghui Pan
  • Kevin Qualls
  • Zejiang Shen
  • Yueyi Sun
  • Nakarit Suthapreda
  • Jason Terry
  • Ruofan Wang
  • Ziming Wang
  • Jiaheng Wei
  • Chu Wu
  • Tiantian Wu
  • Hao Xi
  • Qingyu Ye
  • Yue You
  • Yanting Zhang
  • Zhen Zheng
  • Guanhua Zhu
  • Yijie Zhu
  • Shiyun  Zou