Data Science Institute

Fifth-Year Master’s Degree

Current Brown seniors can apply for this program. The application requirements are the same as for other applicants, except that only two letters of recommendation are required.

The program has the same general course structure as the normal Data Science Master's program with two differences:

1. The fifth-year program must be completed in one year (September-August), and you must be enrolled in three courses per semester to maintain full-time status. Note that it is not possible to do this program as a concurrent bachelor’s/master’s degree.

    2. You can fulfill (at most) two of the course requirements during your undergraduate studies, as follows:

    • DATA 1030
    • DATA 1050
    • CSCI2470, or you can substitute CSCI 1470 Deep Learning
    • DATA 2060, or you can substitute CSCI 1420 Machine Learning
    • For an elective (1 credit), you can substitute any appropriate 1000-level or 2000-level course to be determined by the student and approved by the program advisor.


    Applications are accepted until May 1.

    More Information About The Fifth-Year Master’s Degree